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InfiniBand Switches and Management Software for IBM System p Clusters


IBM POWER HPC Cluster Support


  • IBM Power 575
  • IBM Power 550
  • IBM Power 520
  • IBM Power Blade Center model JS22
  • IBM Power Blade Center model JS23/JS43
  • IBM Power P 755

Server Hardware Supported Operating Systems:

  • AIX V5.3, AIX V6.1
  • Novell SLES 10 SP2, SLES 11, SLES11 SP1
  • RedHat 5.3

Fabric Management Supported Operating Systems:

  • Novell SLES 10 SP2, SLES11

Technical Support

These drivers are provided as a service for IBM customers only. For technical assistance, please contact the IBM U.S. Technical Support Group as indicated below.

  • For IBM technical support within the US, please call: (800) IBM-SERV.
  • For IBM technical support outside the US, please visit IBM's Support Web Site.

InfiniBand Fabric Suite (Fabric Management Tools)

Qlogic Fabric Management Tools require CD serial number authentication for download. Please visit the QLogic License Key Activation web site to obtain the software.

Click Here to access the Qlogic License Key Activation Web Site
Click Here for help finding your CD Serial Number

NOTE: Version 4.2 software entries provide the Fabric Manager and Host Stack as separate items. Version 4.3 combines them into a single download item.

NOTE: The following tables show the IBM service packs that a given software or firmware version supports. They also indicate the IBM service pack that introduces a level of software or firmware. Where the IBM service pack transitions from an older level to a newer level, these tables show the older level. Unless otherwise noted, the older level supports all service packs between the introductory service pack and the service pack that transitions to a newer level.

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