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BladeCenter - FC Supported Software


Driver downloads for IBM BladeCenter

Also see BladeCenter Supported Software for Switches page.

Product Support

  • IBM BladeCenter HS20, HS21, HS21XM, HS12, HS22, HS22V, HX5 and HS23 Servers
  • IBM BladeCenter JS20, JS21, JS22, JS23, PS70X Servers
  • IBM BladeCenter LS20,LS21, LS22 Servers

    Technical Support

    These drivers are provided as a service for IBM customers only. For technical assistance, please contact the IBM U.S. Technical Support Group as indicated below. The drivers on this page are not supported by QLogic Technical Support.

  • For IBM technical support within the US, please call: (800) IBM-SERV
  • For IBM technical support outside the US, please visit IBM's Support Web Site

    Note: The versions listed below are the minimum levels of driver supported for each OS. If the driver native to your OS is at a newer revision, it is also supported.

    Downloading a file from this site constitutes your acceptance of the terms listed in the software license agreement.